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P087 Information gaps for HIV positive patients detained in immigration referral centres (IRCS)
  1. Sara Scofield1,
  2. Cecilia Priestley1,
  3. Jane Fowler2
  1. 1Dorset County Hospital, Dorset, UK
  2. 2Dorset Healthcare, Dorset, UK


Introduction HIV is over-represented in this high risk, vulnerable population. Detainees often have complex health needs which present challenges to chronic disease management. Transfer of information between care providers is crucial to maintain appropriate management of these vulnerable patients. We aimed to look at the information shared between health care providers for detainees referred to our HIV service.

Methods We reviewed all referrals from the local IRC to our HIV service between September 2014 and January 2017, looking at information provided on the IRC referral letter and supplied by their previous care provider.

Results Out of 24 referrals, the notes were available for 17. CD4 count, HIV RNA and HAART regimen were missing from 9, 10 and 1 of the IRC referrals respectively. Information was missing about adherence in 9, treatment interruption in 10, and co-medications in 11 referrals. 9 reported requesting information from previous HIV provider; this was not received in 4 cases. In the 11 cases where information was received from the previous HIV care provider, information was not included on co-medications in 8, hepatitis B status in 6, hepatitis C status in 8, resistance testing in 5, and HLAB*5701 status in 6 summaries.

Discussion We highlight the need for standardised information transfer between care providers in these patients. In Dec 2016 we devised a form to send to previous HIV service providers to collect the required information for safe prescribing prior to their GUM appointment. We plan to review whether this improves the quality of information received.

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