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P134 Patient group directions use in sexual health
  1. Victoria Manns
  1. Jefferiss Wing Imperial College NHS Trust, London, UK


Introduction Patient Group Directions (PGDs) provide a legal framework for nurses (and other health professionals) to supply/administer medication without a prescription to facilitate speedy access to medications by patients. An audit was carried out to assess local compliance and use of PGDs (anti-infective and contraception) used with in a sexual health clinic.

Methods Using Trust wide auditable criteria for PGDs, over a 6-month period (July to December 2016) 715/721 notes were audited. In particular documentation relating to administration/supply of medication and whether the PGD was used in accordance to PGD policy. These data were compared with a pervious audit (January to June 2016) where 306 notes were audited, which identified that 96% were used and documented correctly in line with policy.

Results In the audited notes (n=715) There had been an improvement with 99% of medications were issued/supplied and documented correctly in line with the PGD policy, compared with 96% in the previous audit. Those notes where practice did not meet the required standard related to documentation issues (lack of signature or indicating issued/supplied under PGD). All care provided met the eligibility requirements of the PGD.

Discussion This audit highlights importance of auditing PGD use and having a system that records errors, to help improve patient safety and staff development. Additionally, this audit demonstrates that PGDs can be safely and effectively used within the sexual health setting. Comparison of the audits demonstrates increased PGD’s use, attributed to improved training and staff support.

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