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P136 The evaluation of a stepped-care model for providing effective and cost-efficient psychosexual services within sexual health
  1. Karen Gurney,
  2. Pip Bullemor-Day,
  3. Kathy White,
  4. Michael Yates,
  5. Rhiann Jamieson,
  6. Caitlin Kiddy,
  7. Herman Van Der Walt
  1. Central and North West London NHS Trust, London, UK


Introduction Increasing demand for sexual problems services plus reductions in commissioning have led to a need for high quality services delivered in a low-cost model within sexual health settings. A service redesign utilised a stepped-care model included the use of group therapy interventions as a first line treatment for erectile difficulties and painful sex. These interventions continued alongside existing MDT service provision.

Methods All patients accessing the service in the first 12 months were given self-report outcome measures at key points of the intervention including quantitative and qualitative aspects of change. Results are compared between those accessing an erection difficulties group, a painful sex group and individual psychosexual therapy sessions.

Abstract P136 Table 1

Psychosexual intervention results


Discussion Further efforts to utilise group interventions for sexual problems may support the continued provision of psychosexual services in sexual health settings. Groups were evaluated favourably by service users and demonstrated considerable change. Qualitative feedback suggested distinct benefits of a group intervention over individual care. Those receiving a higher stepped intervention (individual sessions) may have been more complex and for others change in the problem in a traditional sense may not have been possible, however change was reported in other ways (i.e. affect in relation to the problem, relationship satisfaction).

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