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P165 HIV inpatient experience
  1. Seema Malik,
  2. Cordelia Chapman
  1. Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Wessex, UK


Introduction ‘Standards of care for people living with HIV 2013’ provides recommendations for the clinical care of HIV positive patients, including inpatients. We conducted an audit to describe patterns of service use with particular reference to time to diagnosis of HIV, presenting illness, medication, length of stay and follow up.

Methods Data was collected retrospectively from notes of 36 inpatients from 1st January to 31st December 2014.

Results 4 patients were newly diagnosed with HIV, of which, 3(75%) presented with an AIDS defining illness. HIV test was performed in MAU on 2 patients (50%). In the remaining 32 patients, 8 presented with AIDS defining illness. 11% had evidence of drug-drug interactions. 37% had no evidence of HIV Team inpatient review. 25 patients were discharged within 7 days, however, 4 stayed for more than 28 days. Only 41% were seen in HIV Outpatients within 4 weeks after discharge. After admission with AIDS defining diagnosis, all patients were alive at 30 days and 72% alive at 6 months.

Discussion Complex care accounted for a sizeable proportion of our inpatient work. Current BHIVA recommendation of immediate commencement of HAART will significantly reduce disease progression and inpatient admission. This audit highlights the need for continued effort to raise awareness of HIV testing among non-HIV specialists and GP’s.

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