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P3.160 Optimising existing sexual health clinics increases hiv testing among gay and bisexual men at higher risk of infection
  1. Muhammad Shahid Jamil1,
  2. Hamish Mcmanus1,
  3. Denton Callander1,
  4. Garrett Prestage1,
  5. Hammad Ali1,
  6. Vickie Knight2,
  7. Tim Duck3,
  8. Catherine C O’connor4,
  9. Marcus Chen5,
  10. Anna M Mcnulty2,
  11. Phillip Keen1,
  12. Nick Medland5,
  13. Margaret Hellard6,
  14. Andrew E Grulich7,
  15. David A Lewis8,
  16. John M Kaldor1,
  17. Christopher K Fairley5,
  18. Basil Donovan1,
  19. Rebecca J Guy1
  1. 1The Kirby Institute, Unsw Australia, Sydney, Australia
  2. 2Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Sydney Hospital, Sydney, Australia
  3. 3Nsw Ministry of Health, Sydney, Australia
  4. 4Sexual Health Service, Community Health, Sydney Local Health District, Sydney, Australia
  5. 5Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, Melbourne, Australia
  6. 6Centre for Population Health, Burnet Institute, Melbourne, Australia
  7. 7The Kirby Institute, Unsw Australia, Sydney, Australia, Sydney, Australia
  8. 8Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre, Sydney, Australia

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