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P3.161 Factors associated with positive tests for hiv e syphilis centre and advice
  1. Nara Borges Gonçalves Lima1,
  2. Heber José De Moura1,
  3. Roumayne Fernandes Vieira Andrade2,
  4. Elk De Assis Araújo1,
  5. Maria Alix Leite Araújo1
  1. 1Universidade de Fortaleza, Fortaleza – CE, Brazil
  2. 2Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, Campina Grande – PB, Brazil


Introducion Faced with rapid evolution of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially HIV/AIDS, as well as the impacts on society, this study aimed to analyse the factors associated with seropositivity TR for HIV and syphilis in people served in the Testing Centre and counselling - CTA Fortaleza, Ceará.

Methods A cross-sectional study that analysed data from Forms Customer Information System of people who performed the rapid test (RT) in the months of June and July 2015. We analysed sociodemographic, behavioural and epidemiological variables. The data were entered into the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences and were analysed using frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion.

Results Were analysed 882 forms. The research result shows that 622 (70.5%) were males and 414 (46.9%) were aged between 19 and 29 years, with a predominance of non-white people, without a partner, with more than four years of study, coming from Fortaleza. Of the 875 tests for HIV and 648 tests for syphilis destecção, 49 (5.3%) and 72 (8.1%) showed reagent test result, respectively. Cases of HIV reagent were associated with the identification of the service by friend/service user (p=0.013), male gender (p=0.006), non-Caucasians (p=0.045), lower education of four years of study (p=0.045) and working (p=0.009). There was statistical association in positive cases of syphilis and present IST (p<0.001) and hoemens sexual partners and women (p=0.012).

Conclusion These findings suggest the need for effective measures for control and prevention of STIs aimed at young adults, male and more than one sexual partner.

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