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P3.181 Hepatitis c: challenging modern obstetrics
  1. MC Paschoini,
  2. LN Resende,
  3. MM Mendonça,
  4. GPM Gomide,
  5. JU Ribeiro
  1. Universidade Federal do Triangulo Mineiro, Uberaba – MG, Brazil


Introduction Asses the incidence of Hepatitis C on pregnant women overseen by the Hospital de Clínicas from Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro; Delineate the Hepatitis C-infected patients’ epidemiological profile.

Methods Survey through Hospital de Clínicas records from 2007 to 2015 for Hepatitis C-infected pregnant women, followed by a review of medical records and by the administration of a structured questionnaire evaluating epidemiological, clinical and neonatal data.

Results 44 cases of Hepatitis C were found in the survey’s period – an incidence of 0.4% on the births. On demography, the age of patients varied from 14 to 47 years, with an average of 30 years. The majority of infections were to non-white (56.8%), single (63.6%) and hailing from Uberaba (81.8%) patients. The majority of surveyed women (46.5%) have been diagnosed prior to their pregnancy. On obstetrical aspects, 61.3% had up to 2 previous pregnancies; 52.27% of the women visited the specialised sector during their second trimester; 2 patients had related clinical symptoms; 13.63% missed clinical appointments and 1 patient has been admitted without any prenatal consultation. Viral load was undetectable on 22 patients and 3 patients had a viral load ≥1 00 000 copies. On births, 84.2% of them were on term; 57.89% had vaginal births. Newborn’s weight varied from 1725 to 4135 grams and 89.4% had Apgar ≥7.

Conclusion Hepatitis C had a higher prevalence on pregnant women over 30 years old. The first specialised service appointment was mainly on the second trimester, probably due to delays on dispensation of public health services. Contagious and infectious diseases are a major challenge to public health, thus screening must be carried on to minimise vertical and horizontal transmissions.

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