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Lb3.249 HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis on transvestites and transgenders (MTFS) in sÃo paulo, brazil
  1. Ferreira-Jr S1,
  2. Francisco PMSB2,
  3. Melo MCD2,
  4. Nogueira PA1
  1. 1Faculty of Public Health - University of São Paulo, Brazil
  2. 2Department of Collective Health - University of São Paulo, Brazil


Introduction To know the conditions of life and health, to identify differences between transvestites and MtFs, and to verify the proportion of cases of HIV-AIDS and tuberculosis in these subgroups.

Methods A cross-sectional study realised in São Paulo city, Brazil, in 2014, with the application of a KAP questionnaire (Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices) to a convenience sample of 124 individuals (58 transvestites and 66 MtFs) aged ≥18 years. Comparisons between the percent distributions of the groups were performed using the Pearson chi-square test or Fisher´s exact test, considering a significance level of 5%.

Results The mean age of all respondents was 32.2 years (SD=9.9 years). Statistical differences were observed between groups regarding prostitution and passage through prisons (p<0.001). The use of alcohol and drugs was high in both groups, and cocaine and crack were the most commonly reported drugs. All transvestites and 80% of MtFs referred syphilis treatment. About 36% of transvestites and 22.7% of MtFs were HIV+ (p=0.099). They had already performed treatment for tuberculosis, 25.9% of transvestites and 9.1% of MtFs (p=0.096). HIV-AIDS-tuberculosis co-infection was observed in 17.2% of transvestites and 6.1% of MtFs.

Conclusion The results indicate that the living and health conditions of this population are marked by their vulnerability to HIV-AIDS and co-infection with tuberculosis. The invisibility of this group in official health data compromises the control of these diseases in this population. Also, the dichotomies observed between transvestites and MtFs should be considered in the planning of preventive actions and future studies.

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