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P4.69 Health care seeking behaviour for symptoms of stis/hiv among the transgender in mumbai, india
  1. Mithlesh Chourase
  1. International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, Mumbai, India


Introduction Health of the transgender is as important as any other population sub-groups. However, little is known about the issues of health problems and health seeking behaviour of transgender in India. One of the major risk factors for acquisition of HIV and other STIs for MTF transgender persons is Commercial sex workers (CSW). As with HIV infection in this population, it is difficult to ascertain the exact prevalence of CSW in MTF transgender persons.This study is an attempt to assess the health care seeking behaviour of women reporting STIs/HIV symptoms in mumbai, India and to examine the association of background sociodemographic characteristics with Health care seeking behaviour.

Methodology The study used the primary survey data conducted in Mumbai city among the transgender community with a total sample of 120. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected on demographic and socio-economic characteristic, sexual health problems and health seeking behaviour among transgender.

Results Among the transgender, the prevalence of sexual health is very high. In this community 28% and 21.7% of the transgender are suffered from STI and HIV respectively. Among those who suffered from any sexual health problems, 7% of the transgender do not take any treatment. Those who seek treatment for sexual health problems most of them go to government medical institution because of low treatment cost compared to a private institution. On the other hand, those who don’t seek treatment revealed that they don’t prefer to take treatment because of their personal problem or due to shame, high medicine cost and few believe in yoga.

Conclusion Though the majority of transgender heard about STI, the correct knowledge of sexual health transmission is lacking among the transgender. There is a need for increasing awareness regarding STI/HIV and their sequelae. Targeted health education programmes should be necessary to improve health care seeking among transgender.

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