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P5.22 The importance of having an adolescent hiv unit case report at jos university teaching hospital (JUTH), jos plateau state, nigeria
  1. Ogudiegwu Catherine Chinyere
  1. Jos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria


Issue JUTH has one of the largest HIV treatment centres in North central Nigeria currently has 529 children enrolled into the program,498 on treatment. Since inception in 2004,92 children had virologic failure of their treatment and 45 transferred to the Adult ART program.I present the case of one of our children that have grown into Adulthood who defaulted her treatment,failed treatment regimen, got pregnant from HIV negative sex partner and had her baby is free of HIV. Body: The child was enrolled into the program at age of 10 and she lost mother to HIV when she was 9 years old. Her 1 st line drug regimen was Zidovudine, Niverapine and lamivudine which she was not adherent to.At age 17,she admitted that she had a sexual partner who was later invited counselled and tested, his HIV antibody test was negative.She was later transferred to the adult clinic at the age of 18 years with viral load of 52 568 copies/ml while CD4 count of 345 cells/mm.She got pregnant also immediately from another partner but failed to access Prevention of child transmission of HIV (PMTCT)for fear of being scourned by the health workers. She had a vaginal delivery at 39 weeks.

Intervention Baby was enrolled at the paediatric unit,had Nevirapine prophylaxis for 6 weeks and was breastfeed baby exclusively for 6 months.Condoms use was inconsistent and she was also on daily contraceptive. Her baby recorded HIV negative results for DNA PCR (Deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase chain reaction) results at week 6,12,and 24 and Post breast feeding DNA PCR test.Baby is still incare for followup. Sex patner was counselled,tested for HIV, antibody testing result was HIV negative, and he was subsequently enrolled for the prevention program(PrEP).

Lessons learnt There is need to establish an Adolecent ART clinic where reproductive health can be discussed freely and healthworkers should encourage instead of being judgmental and also we need to educate them on HIV infection and reinfection,drug adherence and also encourage abstinence.

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