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P6.23 Using mobile technology to increase uptake of hiv and sti prevention tools such as the fc2 female condom – a public private partnership for sector learning
  1. Tian Johnson
  1. African Alliance for HIV Prevention, Johannesburg, South African Republic


Introduction Using mobile technology to increase access to and uptake of health information that translates into behaviour change is never easy. In partnership with The Female Health Company, The African Alliance for HIV Prevention developed and produced a 9 part web series designed to increase awareness and knowledge of as well as desire for the FC2 Female Condom – the only available tool for that a woman can initiate to protect herself from unplanned pregnancy, HIV and STI’s - as part of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Programming globally.

Methods Through the use of high profile and everyday people, from a range of backgrounds this series situates a life changing product in the social media and online space. A space where young people – especially in the global south – are increasingly vulnerable to HIV and STI’s. The series is unique in that, apart from providing the technical skills to the viewer to use, advocate for and programme the FC2 Female Condom, this series focuses on sexual pleasure as an entry point. The series, shot in the Masterclass style focuses on the speaker as they share poignant stories from the HIV and STI field as well as make the personal, programming, funding and political case for the FC2 Female Condom.

Results Shot in high definition and compact enough to fit on a flash drive this series has already had a profound effect on those who watch it and the first group of health care professionals will be trained using this series as a tool at the 8th South African AIDS Conference. The results of an evaluation carried out the 8TH South African AIDS Conference will be released during the STI and HIV World Congress in Rio, 2017.

Conclusion In less then a decade, Sub Saharan Africa will have a higher penetration of mobile telephones then Northern America. This increase in access to technology and tools presents a unique opportunity for NGO’s and the private sector to build awareness of and support access to essential HIV and STI prevention tools, such as the FC2 Female Condom.

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