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O03.5 Isean-hivos philippines: strengthening capacities of community-based organisations (CBO) through organisational development (OD) for sustainability of community-led hiv and rights-based interventions
  1. RN Cortes
  1. The Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health And Welfare, INC


Introduction The ISEAN-Hivos Program (IHP) is a regional Global Fund AIDS grant focused on community systems strengthening (CSS) among males having sex with males (MSM) and transgender (TG) organisations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Timor Leste. The program in the Philippines since 2011 has provided OD-focused capacity building trainings to MSM/TG CBOs. Ths includes program/financial management, monitoring and evaluation, among others.

Methods The capacity building series has contributed to strengthening the CBOs organisational systems/procedures. This is evident for more than 25 CBOs whose proposals on innovative HIV, SOGIE and rights-based interventions were granted by IHP through small grants amounting to Php 2 50 000. Interventions varied from conducting HIV/SOGIE-related awareness campaigns; using theatre as medium for LGBT awareness; establishing a male wellness centre, mobile testing van and BCC-awareness mobile, that contributed to community-led peer education and HIV counselling and testing (HCT) services.

Results Two of the most noteworthy beneficiaries are LoveYouself and Cebuplus. LoveYourself’s proposal for HIV awareness IEC video (‘Fly Love Yourself’) and BCC-awareness mobile (‘LoveCar’) has contributed in promoting testing services in their community clinics. For Cebuplus, their mobile testing vans and male wellness centre has increased the number of MSM/TG clients reached by their HIV prevention services including HCT. Both have contributed to more than 50% of the total number of people undergoing HCT in Manila and Cebu, respectively. This has also translated into sustainable partnerships with their local government units and private foundations.

Conclusion This OD-approach model on capacity building for CBOs should continuously be monitored, evaluated, and foster linkage with local government partners and/or private institutions. This CSS intervention has a long-term perspective because it is geared towards the sustainable development of CBOs to continuously advocate and implement community-led HIV, SOGIE and rights-based intervention.

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