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P2.09 Knowledge of microbicide among commercial sex workers in nairobi kenya
  1. Charles Salil1,
  2. E Jeptanui2
  1. 1Information Centre for HIV Prevention, Kenya
  2. 2Moi Teaching and Refferal Hospital, Kenya


Introduction To determine the current knowledge of Microbicide and its future usage among Commercial Sex Workers who are exposed to unproductive sex.Also to assess how Microbicide could affect their sexual behaviours.

Methods Self administered Questionnaires among 55 respondents were used in a cross sectional way to investigate how they will take Microbicide as a preventive measure. This survey was conducted in the month of August-September 2015.

Results 58.5% of the respondents have never heard of Microbicide while 41.5% of the respondents have heard of Microbicide. The respondents in both cases were sexually active. The acceptance of Microbicide among the respondents was 80.2% if administered by a medical personnel advise while 19.8% of the respondents were ready to use immediately without an advice of a medical personnel advise.2.1%of the respondents were not sure whether to use Microbicide or not since they didn’t know the side effects of the Product and its reliability on prolonged usage and they preferred condom use ALWAYS.

Conclusion To meet Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) needs, more information and knowledge should be made available to them through awareness creation campaigns, web pages of Commercial sex workers etc. Also easy to use methods of Microbicide should also be put in place which is to be conducted by a medical expert to avoid misuse of the Product.However, for most of the respondents, Microbicide is most acceptable method of Prevention and they could use more frequently than condom usage.

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