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P2.41 Pharmaceutical assistance in syphilis patient care – from prevention to successful treatment
  1. Stephanie Berzin Grapiglia1,
  2. Bruna Portela de Lima2
  1. 1. Coordenadoria da Área Programática 3.2 – Prefeitura Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil
  2. 2Organização Social Sociedade Paulista pelo Desenvolvimento da Medicina/SPDM, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil


Introduction The expansion of Family Health in the City of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the structure that minimally requires one pharmacist per unit of Family Health Clinic, this professional has been often acting as protagonists in the success of the Treatment and follow-up. In this context, the pharmacist performance in all stages of syphilis care has become paramount for the success of the treatment, acting in all care stages.

Methods Prevention - opportunize the patient‘s visit to the pharmacy to identify individuals risk and eligible for actions as pharmaceutical consultation or a educational group, as responsible for the custody and control of the syphilis Rapid test allows the knowledge of the cases even before the dispensation. Surveillance and notification of public health problems - as soon as the knowledge of the diagnosis, by rapid test result or the demand for the dispensing of the medicine, is also responsible for that notification, and it is up to him to make that request to the professional who made the diagnosis or even to make the notification. Oriented Dispensation - it is of paramount importance and the pharmacist’s legitimate responsibility that this patient initiates his treatment with all the necessary information: the clarification on the duration of treatment, the importance of being done correctly, the transmissibility of the disease as well as the importance the treatment of the partner (s) for the success of the conduct. Pharmaceutical consultation - classify the risk of not adhering to treatment and use convincing strategies considering that any may be the reasons for resistance to treatment and qualified listening from a professional with the technical expertise to evaluate case by case and sensitivity to conduct the situation can make the difference in completing this treatment.

Results and Conclusion The analysis makes it possible to perceive how the routine of the pharmacist integrated into the Family Health offers several tools that make the conclusion of the treatment in an appropriate way of the pharmacist’s responsibility.

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