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S07.3 Challenges in defining Chemsex. Answers for surveillance from EMIS-2017
  1. Axel J Schmidt
  1. Sigma Research, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK


Sexualised drug use (SDU), the use of drugs in a sexual context, has emerged as a marker of sexual activity with high risk for transmission of HIV and other STIs, and for poor sexual health, particularly among men who have sex with men (MSM). However, there are no robust estimates of the prevalence of SDU. Using data from the 2010 European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS-2010) we have compared illicit drug use from 44 cities and found substantial variance across Europe. In a repeat of EMIS in 2017, we replicated the questions on illicit drug use, and added questions on injecting drugs and combining sex and drugs.

EMIS-2017 was online and collecting data in 33 languages across 50 countries from 10/2017 to 01/2018.

In this talk, I will give an overview on the prevalence of sexualised drug use in Europe and Canada, based on data collected in EMIS-2017. I will compare the four different ways EMIS-2017 queried SDU, and demonstrate how SDU differs accross 15 selected cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, London, Moscow, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vancouver, Warsaw, and Zurich.

  • drug use
  • prevalence

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