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P566 The uptake of non-occupational HIV postexposure prophylaxis among MSM: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  1. Zhenyu Wang1,
  2. Huachun Zou2
  1. 1School of Public Health, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China
  2. 2School of Public Health (Shenzhen), Sun Yat-Sen University, Shenzhen, PR China, Guangzhou, China


Background MSM are disproportionately affected by HIV, a joint strategy of behavioral interventions and chemoprophylaxis, e.g. HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), is promising to reduce HIV infection. Worldwide PEP is recommended, and it has been prescribed to MSM over the past decade in many countries since 1990s. In order to better understand the role PEP played in HIV prevention among MSM, we reviewed literature to describe the global utilization of PEP.

Methods We searched the following databases for publications in English through 19 May 2018: Pubmed, Scoups, Embase, the Cochrane Library and Web of Science. Eligible articles reported the following data on nPEP among MSM: reasons for and/or the uptake of nPEP, adherence to treatment guidelines, and HIV seroconversion among MSM prescribed PEP.

Fifty-six studies were included Medical records showed nPEP prescriptions increased significantly among MSM, who accounted for the majority of nPEP users in most settings, ranging from 57% to 88.1%. Twenty-eight studies reported on the uptake of PEP among MSM, with an overall pooled proportion of 8.1% (95% CI 5.6% to 10.5%). One-fifth of MSM nPEP users obtained repeated prescription. With regard to reasons for nPEP use, unprotected receptive anal intercourse was more frequent than unprotected insertive anal intercourse (35–65.8% vs 20–28.8%). The pooled full completion (28-day course) was 91.6% (95%CI: 89.9–93.2%), with 100% adherence to the regimen ranging from 52% to 85%. Ten studies reported 498 HIV seroconversions among 18908 MSM, which resulted in a post use HIV incidence of 0.97 to 7.2 per 100 person-years. but there is no clear linkage between nPEP use and HIV seroconversions.

Conclusion Our review demonstrated that PEP is underutilized as a HIV prevention strategy. Efforts are needed to raise awareness and knowledge of nPEP and engage MSM in this chemoprophylaxis. Efforts are also needed to reinforce completion and adherence among nPEP users.

Disclosure No significant relationships.

  • gay bisexual and other men who have sex with men
  • prevention
  • intervention and treatment

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