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S16.4 Designing an approach to deal with extragenital sexually transmitted infections: do we have the data we need?
  1. Jeanne Marrazzo
  1. University of Alabama, Medicine, Birmingham, USA


This symposium entitled ‘Anatomical Sites of Infection: Biomedical, Modeling, Behavioral, and Programmatic Considerations for STI Prevention’ will focus on the implications that extragenital (defined as infections that occur outside of the cervix and urethra) sexually transmitted infections have for various dimensions of STI care and prevention. These infections are common, particularly among men who have sex with men (rectal and pharyngeal) and heterosexual women (both sites as well). Yet, we have little understanding of the pharmacokinetics of commonly used antimicrobials at these sites, the natural history of the infections at these sites, and as a critical corollary, how much of a role these sites have in providing a meaningful reservoir for sustaining transmission in populations at risk. We need to have a better understanding of these parameters before we can intelligently design screening protocols and intervention studies. This presentation will explore these issues and allow ample time for discussion of these challenges.

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  • extragenital infections
  • gonorrhea
  • chlamydia

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