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Debate. Epidemiology of chlamydial infection: Are we losing ground?
  1. Michael L Rekart (michael.rekart{at}
  1. British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Canada
    1. Robert C Brunham (robert.brunham{at}
    1. British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Canada


      Chlamydia case counts are increasing worldwide. Possible explanations include new testing technologies, changes in testing strategies, antimicrobial resistance, increases in high risk sexual behaviour and declining immunity due to early, expanded treatment. More than one of these factors is likely to be playing a role in most jurisdictions. Chlamydia immuno-epidemiology should be the focus of urgent research and efforts to develop a Chlamydia vaccine should be intensified.

      • Chlamydia
      • Immunity
      • NAAT testing
      • STI control
      • Sexual behaviour

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