Table 4

Sexual practices among men and women living with HIV-AIDS and diagnoses or symptoms of an STI in the past 3 months

No STI (n=186)STI (n=42)No STI (n=72)STI (n=40)
MeanSDMeanSDpMeanSDMeanSD ppa
Note: Numbers represent frequencies for behaviours reported during the past 3 months; p for differences within sex groups and pa for differences between STI groups collapsing across sexes.
Unprotected vaginal intercourse0.
Vaginal intercourse with condoms1.
Total vaginal intercourse1.56.34.312.30.066.314.910.619.6ns0.01
% vaginal protected64.
Unprotected anal intercourse1.33.93.810.
Anal intercourse with condoms3.914.23.712.4ns0.
Total anal intercourse5.215.27.422.4ns0.
% anal protected68.334.750.636.80.0558.349.233.357.7ns0.03
Number of partners2.