Table 1

First clinic visit characteristics of 3860 sexually active females tested for C trachomatis by PCR reaction in at least two clinic visits >30 days apart in Baltimore family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, and school based clinics, Jan 1994–Sept 1996

VariablesFemales (n=3860 ) (%)
*GC = Neisseria gonorrhoeae; CT = Chlamydia trachomatis.
Age (years)
Reason for test
STD contact13.0
STD symptoms22.3
“Other” 4.2
Clinic type
Family planning43.0
School 7.7
Risk behaviours
Inconsistent condom use75.5
>1 sex partner13.6
New sex partner14.5
Self reported STD history
Previous syphilis infection 3.9
Previous GC/CT infection*36.9