Table 3

Accumulation of HPV DNA in GUM clinic A during one day. (β Globin DNA could be detected in all HPV positive samples)

HPV type(s) detected
8.30 am4.30 pm
ND=not done.
Treatment room 1
    Bed control panelNone6, 16
    Examination bedNone6
    Colposcope handleNone6, 16
    Examination lampNone6
Treatment room 2
    Bed control panelNone6, 16
    Examination bedNoneUntyped
    Colposcope handleNoneNone
    Examination lampNone6, 16
Female toilet
    Toilet flush handleND6, 16, 35, 59
    Toilet seatUntypedNone
    Door handle16None
    Cold tapNoneNone
    Hot tapNoneNone
Male toilet
    Door handleUntyped6, 16, 62
    Hot tapNoneUntyped
    Cold tapNone6
    Light switchNoneNone
    Pooled swabs6, 116, 11, 18, 51, 59, 62