Table 1

Individuals ordering material for home sampling and submitting samples in the study

*The 27 individuals who did not live in Aarhus county did not receive material for home sampling (exclusion).
†Individuals not belonging to the target population (aged 21–23 years) were excluded.
Individuals ordering material
    Living outside the county*
        through internet81624
        through answering machine123
    Living in the county
        on internet181836
        on answering phone178128306
Individuals submitting samples
    from the target population11964183
    in percentage of target population0.8%0.4%0.6%
(119/15 000)(64/15 000)(183/30 000)
Pervalence of infection in samples submitted by target population8.4%7.8%8.2%
Infected without symptoms40%60%