Table 2

Contact efficacy of Gay Men's Task Force (GMTF) intervention—comparison of contact and non-contact men, excluding men who also reported talking to peer educators (logistic regression)

Recognise GMTF symbolKnow meaning of GMTF acronym
Sexual health behaviourOdds ratio95% CIOdds ratio95% CI
†Among men reporting UAI.
‡Adjusted odds controlling for experience of sexually transmitted infection in the previous year.
§Adjusted odds controlling for frequency of bar attendance.
*p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.
Hepatitis B vaccination1.150.84–1.571.050.76–1.47
HIV antibody test1.090.80–1.491.000.72–1.38
Recency of HIV test (previous year)1.050.72–1.541.080.72–1.62
Sexually transmitted infections1.420.79–2.551.310.70–2.45
UAI with casual partners†1.570.87–2.831.430.77–2.65
Any GUM clinic use‡§2.20***1.53–3.152.21***1.52–3.20
Steve Retson Project only‡4.21***2.60–6.793.89***2.40–6.32
Other GUM clinic only‡0.780.45–1.350.820.46–1.44
Both Steve Retson and other GUM‡2.49*1.17–5.282.69*1.25–5.76