Table 3

Peer education dose effects—comparison of men who talked to peer educators on one or more than one occasion and men who did not talk to peer educators (logistic regression)

Talked to a peer educator
Odds ratio (95% CI)
Sexual health behaviour“No/not sure”“Yes, once”“Yes, more than once”
†Among men reporting UAI.
‡Adjusted odds controlling for experience of STI in previous year.
§Adjusted odds controlling for frequency of bar attendance.
*p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.
Hepatitis B vaccination11.61**(1.19–2.17)1.73***(1.26–2.37)
HIV antibody test11.08(0.80–1.45)1.65**(1.21–2.26)
Recency of HIV test (previous year)11.44*(1.02–2.02)1.42(0.99–2.03)
Sexually transmitted infections11.50(0.89–2.53)1.90*(1.14–3.16)
UAI with casual partners†11.08(0.64–1.84)0.44*(0.23–0.88)
Any GUM clinic use‡§11.95***(1.40–2.70)2.64***(1.88–3.70)
Steve Retson Project only‡12.68***(1.79–4.01)3.33***(2.22–4.97)
Other GUM clinic only‡10.97(0.60–1.56)0.67(0.38–1.18)
Both Steve Retson and other GUM‡11.94*(1.02–3.71)3.99***(2.28–6.98)