Table 1

Prevalence of M genitalium according to demographic, behavioural, clinical, or laboratory characteristics

M genitalium present
Total for each characteristic vary because of missing values.
p Value >0.05 for all comparisons.
Age (years)
    14–19 (n=322)6.5%
    20–24 (n=334)7.8%
    ≥25 (n=320)4.1%
Age of sexual debut (years)
    10–15 (n=312)8.0%
    16–18 (n=399)5.5%
    ≥19 (n=130)6.2%
Number of sexual partners (last 12 months)
    One (n=948)6.5%
    More than 1 (n=63)3.4%
Previous pregnancies
    None (n=363)5.8%
    1–2 (n=355)8.7%
    3 or more (n=296)3.7%
Syphilis serology
    RPR− and/or TPHA− (n=965)6.0%
    RPR+/TPHA+ (n=49)7.9%
HIV serology
    Negative (n=916)6.2%
    HIV-1 positive (n=33)12.1%
    HIV-2 positive (n=56)1.8%
    HIV-1 and HIV-2 positive (n=6)16.7%
N gonorrhoeae
    Negative (n=908)6.2%
    Positive (n=78)7.7%
T vaginalis
    Negative (n=690)7.0%
    Positive (n=194)3.6%