Table 3

Determinants of infection with Chlamydia trachomatis for men and women in the development group (75% of all participants) selected for the multivariate analysis*

Prevalence determinant (%)
SexDeterminantCasesNon-cases OR [95% CI]
*Only determinants selected for the multivariate analysis, based on a Wald test for univariate association of p<0.25, are shown.
†Was not included in the final analysis, because there was only one homo/bisexual women with a C trachomatis infection.
OR = odds ratio, CI = confidence interval.
Age ≤2533.321.51.87 [1.08–3.23]
Surinam or Antillean origin20.310.12.35 [1.22–4.50]
Unmarried and not cohabiting71.247.62.79 [1.58–4.95]
Heterosexual†98.393.93.92 [0.54–28.51]
Sexual debut <18 years90.054.80.67 [0.40–1.12]
New sex partner21.78.53.12 [1.67–5.89]
Lower abdominal pain11.918.20.59 [0.27–1.33]
Coloured discharge20.314.31.55 [0.81–2.96]
Heavy vaginal discharge35.021.71.99 [1.16–3.41]
Age ≤3054.843.61.58 [0.78–3.25]
Surinam or Antillean origin54.89.32.97 [1.25–7.06]
Government health insurance61.370.30.66 [0.31–1.38]
≥15 years of education72.454.92.19 [0.96–4.98]
Sexual debut <18 years66.752.31.85 [0.86–3.98]
>5 lifetime sex partners71.457.81.85 [0.81–4.24]
Previous C trachomatis infection10.34.92.31 [0.68–7.85]
Urethral discharge [0.83–16.39]
Painful micturition [0.62–11.96]