Table 1

AIDS and HIV awareness and related sexual health promotion campaigns, UK 1983–99

DateEventTarget groupDescription
1983–5Initial informal awarenessGay communityGay press coverage, informal campaigns organised by various non-government and community based organisations (NGOs and CBOs), eg Terrence Higgins Trust, Gay Switchboard, etc
1983–presentNGO and CBO campaigns, includes various leaflets about prevention, testing, treatment, housing legal issues.Gay community (initially)Initially, informal information sharing in the gay community. Later organised programmes of education for male gay community, other risk groups, and the general public.
March 1986Government AIDS press campaignGeneral publicPress and posters, general information, massive media coverage
January 1987Leaflet dropGeneral publicGeneral household leaflet drop, massive media coverage
February 1987“AIDS—don't die of ignorance” campaignGeneral publicTV, national press, posters, massive media coverage
Spring 1987AIDS WeekGeneral publicAll media channels, massive media coverage
“AIDS—you're as safe as you want to be” campaignGeneral public/youthNational press and youth press, extensive media coverage
Summer 1988Holiday campaignYoung peopleTV and posters
Summer 1988AIDS the facts ads campaignGeneral publicTV and national press
Winter 1988–9 and annually thereafterSafer sex campaignsGay communityGay press and other gay outlets
Spring 1990Personal testimony of experts campaign—“talking heads”General publicTV and national press
Spring 1990EastEnders introduces HIV into story lineGeneral publicInclusion of HIV infected person in a popular TV series
Spring 1991“Mrs Dawson” campaignGeneral publicCinema and TV
November 1991Personal testimonyGeneral publicCinema and TV
Spring 1992Red ribbon campaignGeneral publicGeneral media outlets
Summer 1992“Mrs Dawson” campaignTV and cinema
Personal testimony campaignEthnic minority groupsTV
1992HIV/AIDS the factsGeneral publicRadio, local and minority ethnic press
1992–4Travel facts, condom useGay community and young peopleRadio, posters, TV
Spring 1994 and annually thereafterExperimenting/uncertain campaignYoung womenSelected general press
Gay press
Spring 1995Postponement campaignAll groupsYoung women's magazines
December 1995New HIV-AIDS strategyPolicy document