Table 4

Determinants found to be associated with Chlamydia trachomatis infections in men and women in the development group (75% of all participants) by stepwise logistic regressions analysis

Determinants included in the modelORAUC [95% CI]Sensitivity (%)% of total population screenedPrevalence in screened population (%)
*The cut off value for men is a predicted probability >1%.
†The cut off value for women is a predicted probability >2%.
“% of total population screened” is the true positive fraction + the false positive fraction, “prevalence in screened population” is the predictive value positive, OR = odds ratio, CI = confidence interval, AUC = area under the curve, a measure of diagnostic accuracy.
Female modelSurinam or Antillean origin2.100.67 [0.65–0.69]78*524.4
Unmarried and not cohabiting2.26
New sex partner previous 2 months2.44
Male modelSurinam or Antillean origin3.010.58 [0.55–0.60]26†125.4
Painful micturition3.04