Table 1

Univariate analysis of sociodemographic characteristics and willingness to join an HIV vaccine trial (n=2674; overall, 32.0% were “definitely willing to join” a vaccine trial)

“Definitely willing to join”
No%OR95% CIp Value
Age at induction
22–29 years (n=169)5532.51.030.82–1.290.87
21 years (n=2498)79731.91.00
Age at 1st sex
≤15 years (n=626)20632.91.040.92–1.190.53
>15 years (n=2002)63331.61.00
Educational attainment
Primary school or less (n=2015)68133.81.281.11–1.48<0.001
Secondary or vocational school (n=652)17226.41.00
Marital status at induction
Single (n=2005)63931.90.990.87–1.130.89
Married (n=661)21332.21.00
Domicile—during 2 years before induction
Urban (n=1053)30228.70.840.75–0.940.003
Rural (n=1609)55834.21.00
Region of residence—during 2 years before induction
North east (n=1184)44637.71.371.23–1.53<0.001
Other regions (n=1480)40627.41.00