Table 3

Univariate analysis of incentives and concerns associated with willingness to join an HIV vaccine trial (n=2674)

“Definitely willing to join”
No%OR95% CIp Value
1 = See table 2 for content of composite index.
Physical harm concerns (composite)
1+ endorsements (yes/not sure) (n=2171)62328.70.620.55–0.70<0.001
None (n=503)23346.31.00
Social harm concerns (composite)
1+ endorsements (yes/not sure) (n=1550)40025.80.640.57–0.71<0.001
None (n=1124)45740.71.00
Time necessary to be in a medical study
Yes/not sure (n=880)19822.50.610.53–0.70<0.001
No (n=1794)65836.71.00
Having to sign a consent form
Yes/not sure (n=973)22523.10.620.55–0.71<0.001
No (n=1701)63337.21.00
My family may not want me to take part
Yes/not sure (n=1267)27621.80.530.47–0.60<0.001
No (n=1407)58141.31.00
Tangible incentives (composite)
1+ endorsements (yes) (n=1037)41640.11.491.34–1.66<0.001
None (n=1637)44026.91.00
Recognition from family or friends
Yes (n=1053)43941.71.621.45–1.80<0.001
No/not sure (n=1621)41825.81.00
Knowing you help Thai society
Yes (n=1157)49242.51.771.58–1.98<0.001
No/not sure (n=1517)36624.11.00
Would not want any incentive
Yes (n=580)19633.81.070.94–1.220.31
No/not sure (n=2094)66231.61.00