Table 4

Univariate analysis of recent HIV risk relevant behaviour, attitudes, and knowledge as associated with willingness to join an HIV vaccine trial (n=2670)

“Definitely willing to join”
No%OR95% CIp Value
*Kathoey is most easily translated as male to female transsexual person. They are regarded as a “second kind of woman” or “third sex” in Thailand.16
†See “HIV-1 risk relevant behaviour, attitudes, and knowledge” under “Results” for a full listing of content.
Past 6 months—CSW partner
Yes (n=347)9527.40.840.70–1.040.12
No (n=2323)76032.71.00
Past 6 months—girlfriend partner
Yes (n=504)13326.40.790.68–0.930.003
No (n=2170)72533.41.00
Past 6 months—male or kathoey* partner
Yes (n=42)1945.21.421.01–1.990.07
No (n=2632)83731.81.00
Past 6 months—alcohol use
daily/almost daily (n=550)17832.41.020.89–1.160.82
Weekly or less (n=2115)67531.91.00
Knowledge—recognises proved transmission routes
1+ Errors (n=209)8339.71.271.06–1.510.01
No errors (n=2465)77431.41.00
Knowledge—endorses HIV transmission via casual contact (sharing crockery, etc)†
1+ Endorsements (n=1417)49034.61.181.06–1.330.003
None (n=1257)36729.21.00
Negative attitudes towards condom use†
Endorsed 4 or more of 8 items (n=1767)55131.20.930.83–1.040.21
Endorsed 3 or fewer of 8 items (n=907)30533.61.00
Perceived risk (are you at risk of getting HIV?)
A lot (n=515)22643.91.511.34–1.69<0.001
No/some risk (n=2151)62629.11.00
Would use condoms less in a vaccine trial
Yes (n=944)27729.30.880.78–0.990.03
No (n=1730)58033.51.00
Know HIV+ person(s)
Yes (n=754)23030.50.930.82–1.060.28
No (n=1920)62832.71.00