Table 5

Multivariate logistic analysis of willingness to participate, with demographic, HIV knowledge, attitudes, risk relevant behaviour, concerns, and incentives (n=2661)

OR95% CIp Value
Education (primary school or less)1.241.00–1.530.05
Urban v rural (2 years before entering RTA)0.880.73–1.070.2
Region (NE v elsewhere; 2 years before entering RTA)1.381.14–1.66<0.001
Partner-girlfriend (past 6 months)0.690.55–0.860.001
Knowledge—known transmission (1+ errors)1.491.08–2.050.01
Knowledge—endorses casual contact (1+ endorsements)1.221.02–1.460.03
Would use condoms less in a vaccine trial1.281.04–1.570.02
Perceived risk of HIV infection (a lot v some/no risk)1.841.49–2.27<0.001
Incentive—family/friends' recognition1.230.99–1.540.06
Incentive—tangible (1+endorsements)1.331.08–1.650.009
Incentive—help Thai society1.721.38–2.14<0.001
Concern—physical harm (1+ endorsements)0.620.49–0.80<0.001
Concern—social harm (1+ endorsements)0.810.65–1.020.07
Concern—family wouldn't want them to join0.510.40–0.64<0.001
Concern—signing consent form1.120.84–1.500.43
Concern—time required by trial0.980.74–1.310.9