Table 1

Associations of each of the three visual indicators with chlamydial cervicitis, stratifying by the other factors and testing for heterogeneity

Visual indicator testedStratificationOdds ratio (95% confidence interval)p Value for test for heterogeneity
*Opaque endocervical discharge.
†Yellow endocervical discharge.
‡Easily induced mucosal bleeding.
NA=not applicable.
OP*Crude odds ratio2.9 (1.7–4.8)NA
Clinic3.0 (1.8–5.0)0.24
YE†Crude odds ratio2.8 (1.5–4.9)NA
Clinic2.8 (1.1–4.1)0.60
BL‡Crude odds ratio2.3 (1.4–3.7)NA
Clinic2.4 (1.4–3.9)0.85