Table 1

Psychological items with response rates (%)

QuestionNoA littleA lot
Have you felt sadder and/or more depressed because of the assault?41.133.925.0
Have you felt more anxious and fearful because of the assault?39.628.830.7
Have images or thoughts of the assault come into your mind while you are awake or dreaming?37.934.527.6
Have you avoided places or things that remind you of the assault?35.115.849.1
Have you used more alcohol or drugs because of the assault?71.410.717.9
Have you any sexual problems because of the assault?
Has your working life been affected badly?85.710.73.6
Has your social/leisure life been affected badly?52.636.810.5
Has your family life been affected badly?
Overall, do you feel distressed about the assault?18.358.323.3