Table 1

Clinical features, results of CSF brain protein detection, and outcome in patients with lymphoma

PatientType of lymphomaNo of lumbar punctureInterval between lumbar puncture (weeks)14-3-3 detection Outcome
CNS = central nervous system. NA = not applicable. EBV = Epstein–Barr virus. CSF = cerebrospinal fluid. MR = magnetic resonance. RT = radiotherapy. HAART = highly active antiretroviral therapy.
1Primary CNS1NoDied 2 weeks after second lumbar puncture
11Necropsy showed also cerebral toxoplasmosis
2Primary CNS1NoDied 2 weeks after second lumbar puncture
3Necropsy confirmed diagnosis
3Primary CNS1NANoDied 3 weeks later. No necropsy
4Systemic, disseminated extraneural1NAYesDied 6 weeks later. Cranial MR scan normal but EBV DNA detected in cell free CSF
No necropsy
5Systemic, extra neural1NAYesAlive. Cranial MR scan normal. Treated with local RT and HAART. No lymphoma recurrence after 39 months follow up