Table 4

Incubation period for STIs and probability of sexual abuse

Incubation periodProbability of abuse
From The Royal College of Physicians of London. Physical signs of sexual abuse in children. 2nd ed. London: RCP, 1997.
*Possible, **probable, ***strong probability.
†HSV incubation period possibly longer.
‡AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) suggests ** probability of abuse if HPV not perinatally acquired.
Gonorrhoea: 3–4 days***(** if child <1 years)
Chlamydia trachomatis: 7–14 days**(*** if child >3 years)
HSV†: 2–14 days**
Trichomonas vaginalis: 1–4 weeks***(if child >6 weeks)
HPV: 1 month to several months or longer*(** if not perinatally acquired AAP)‡
Bacterial vaginosis*
Syphilis: up to 90 days***(having excluded congenital infection)
HIV: majority seroconvert within 3 months*(exclude maternal infection)
Hepatitis B: up to 3 months*(exclude maternal infection)