Table 1

Estimates and ranges used for the sensitivity analysis of the cost effectiveness of a universal screening programme for asymptomatic Chlamydia trachomatis infections in a female population

VariableEstimate (%)RangeDomainReferences
*Discounted in the model by the age specific desire for pregnancy.
LCR = ligase chain reaction, PID = pelvic inflammatory disease.
Prevalence2.9All womenStudy data
Sensitivity LCR8585–90Tested women9, 10
Specificity LCR99Tested women8, 10
Contacted for treatment90Women with chlamydiaStudy data
Successfully treated95Women with chlamydia, who receive treatmentStudy data
All PID105–25Women with undiagnosed or unsuccessfully treated infection4, 13
Asymptomatic of total PID50All PID14
Preventable PID5025–75All PID14
Infertility 84–16All PID* 1
Ectopic pregnancy 84–16All PID* 1
Chronic pelvic pain1510–20All PID 2
Neonatal conjunctivitis30Women with chlamydia* 3
Neonatal pneumonia15Women with chlamydia* 3