Table 2

Cost of the screening programme and direct and indirect costs associated with Chlamydia trachomatis infections and sequelae in women (price level 1996, in US$)

VariableDirect (medical) costIndirect cost
*For every woman invited to participate.
†For every participant.
‡Costs presented in the table are for women aged 15–25 years and are not discounted. In the model, all future costs were discounted at a rate of 3% per year.
Coordination of the program (2 fulltime social workers, cost per person)48 309 per year
Recruitment cost* (container, envelope, postage)0.48
Laboratory test† (postage, materials, and labour)17.29
Treatment (1000 mg azithromycin)9.52
GP consultation15.51
Symptomatic PID
Inpatient treatment3 908276
Outpatient treatment67132
Inpatient evaluation2 315212
Outpatient evaluation805286
In vitro fertilisation‡1 423188
Ectopic pregnancy‡2 909847
Chronic pelvic pain‡
Inpatient treatment3 310456
Outpatient treatment587217
Neonatal conjunctivitis39
Neonatal pneumonia
Inpatient treatment16 150
Outpatient treatment949