Table 1

Clinical and laboratory findings among women attending a basic healthcare clinic in Dhaka

Mean age (SD) and percentage of women with corresponding characteristics
Client groups‡
AC (n=243)EPI (n=144)FP (n=555)PI (n=592)VD (n=345)Overall (n=1879)
‡Tested for all cervical and vaginal pathogens.
AC = antenatal care, EPI = expanded programme on immunization, FP = family planning, PI = pregnancy interruption, VD = vaginal discharge.
BVTV = bacterial vaginosis or T vaginalis infection, HBcAg = hepatitis B core antigen, HSV-2 = herpes simplex virus type 2.
¶Only currently married women.
*No information for 38 women.
†Women with abnormal vaginal discharge.
§p<0.001 between vaginal discharge and other groups.
•RPR reactive and TPHA positive.
Mean age (years)21.9 (4.4)23 (4.9)26.8 (6.5)25.6 (6.0)27.9 (6.5)26 (6.3)
Polygamous marriage¶
Change in vaginal discharge2522313075§36
Speculum examination*
Abnormal vaginal discharge1313101433§15
Cervical mucopus106121433§15
Laboratory findings
Cervical pathogens
N gonorrhoeae
C trachomatis
Any cervical pathogen2.
Vaginal pathogens
T vaginalis
Candida sp†251724241721
Bacterial vaginosis†412828243029
Any vaginal pathogen†635051544751
Antibodies to :
T pallidum2.