Table 1

Bivariate associations between dichotomous predictor variables and a positive test result for Trichomonas vaginalis (n=442)

% Positive
Exposed to risk?
Baseline predictorYesNoRR*95% CI†
*Relative risk ratio.
†Confidence interval.
‡Although the use of other substances (eg, heroin, cocaine, tranquillisers) was also assessed, the number of adolescents reporting use of these substances was far too low for meaningful analyses.
Less parental monitoring29.518.81.571.09 to 2.25
Less parent-adolescent communication25.725.01.030.75 to 1.42
Typical sex partner is ≥5 years older42.923.51.821.23 to 2.70
Sex with non-steady partners34.523.11.501.05 to 2.1
Less favourable attitudes toward condom use24.126.00.930.67 to 1.28
Greater barriers to condom use30.019.51.531.09 to 2.15
Consumes ≥3 drinks when using alcohol‡ to 2.46
Biologically confirmed marijuana use61.923.42.651.81 to 3.86
Self reported history of gonorrhoea39.424.21.631.03 to 2.57
Self reported history of chlamydia25.425.31.000.64 to 1.56
Self reported history of trichomoniasis26.725.21.060.63 to 1.77
Changed steady sex partners over 12 months27.525.21.090.75 to 1.58
First sexual intercourse occurred ≤13 years of age26. to 1.53
Has been pregnant24.027.00.890.62 to 1.29