Table 4

HBV marker profile at baseline and probable clinical staging

HBV marker
Clinical stage of HBV infectionHBsAgAnti-HBsAnti-HBcNo of subjects (%)
Early acute infectionPosNegNeg 9 (3.7)
Either acute or chronic InfectionPosPos/NegPos 9 (3.7)
Possibilities include:NegNegPos 95 (39.0)
    1 HBV infection in remote past
    2 “Low level” HBV carrier
    3 “Window” between disappearance of HBsAg and appearance of anti-HBs
    4 False positive reaction
Indicates previous HBV infection and  immunity to HBV infectionNegPosPos111 (45.5)
Vaccine type responseNegPosNeg 20 (8.2)