Table 4

Treatment effectiveness for genital ulcer syndrome and genital discharge syndrome based on a survey of STD/RTI patients who did not return for follow up*

GUS = genital ulcer syndrome, UDS = urethral discharge syndrome, VDS = vaginal discharge syndrome.
*Information obtained through home visits of patients 2 weeks to 3 months after treatment.
†One woman with GUS and six women with VDS had signs on examination although they reported that they were free of symptoms.
Number of study participants64894297
Treatment outcome reported by patients:
No symptoms (=cured and no recurrence)5281%6269%2252%5153%
Symptoms reported:
Re-infection or recurrence of symptoms914%2023%1126%3435%
Not cured35%78%921%1212%
Signs observed by clinician on examination†1219%2225%2150%5254%