Table 7

Performance of health workers*

Men (n=164)Women (n=203)Total (n=367)
*Information obtained through home visits of non-returners 2 weeks to 3 months after treatment.
†The category “patient received correct treatment” was assumed if on demonstration of the various drugs available in the programme, the patient pointed at the correct type of drug(s) and recalled the correct dose, or if he/she pointed at the correct type of drug(s) but was not sure about how many tablets he/she should have taken.
Patient was examined11470%15878%27274%
Patient received health education9860%11054%20857%
Condoms were offered7345%3819%11130%
Patients received treatment164100%203100%367100%
Patient received correct treatment†11470%11758%23163%
Patient reported full compliance15796%18390%34093%
Patient was satisfied with service14186%16481%30583%