Table 4

Predictors of post-treatment condom use*

β95% confidence interval
*Analysis of variance, adjusted for multiple within person partners comparisons by generalised estimating equations (GEE).
†Reference group for categorical variables is in parentheses.
Female (male)4.9−4.6 to 14.3
Black (non-black)6.1−5.0 to 17.1
STI at enrolment (No)8.0−2.2 to 18.2
3 month indicator (No)−0.6−6.9 to 5.6
Coital frequency−1.5−1.8 to −1.1
Enrolment condom use (%)0.30.2 to 0.4
Partner status†
    Established/new (established)7.0−1.6 to 15.6
    New (established)3.5−4.6 to 11.5