Table 4

Syphilis incidence among injection drug users by self reported sexual risk behaviour in the past 6 months, Los Angeles County, 1994–6

Sexual risk behavioursCases/total sampleCases/1000 person yearsRate ratio95% CIp Value
*IDU men who have sex with men, and bisexual and lesbian IDUs.
†Heterosexual IDUs.
Overall incidence12/39026.019.4, 32.3
Multiple sex partners:
     Yes7/12050.23.21.89, 5.54<0.001
Exchanged money/drugs for sex:
     Yes5/5577.74.42.76, 7.12<0.001
Sexual orientation:
     Group B*4/22187.410.37.0, 15.2<0.001
     Group A†8/36718.1