Table 3

Prevention indicators for HIV and hepatitis transmission in homo/bisexual men

†Undiagnosed before the clinic attendance.
‡Mean CD4 count.
§HIV testing with counselling: new episodes seen at genitourinary medicine clinics.
Prevalence markers
New diagnoses of HIV infectionsUK<25
Prevalent diagnosed HIV infections receiving careEnglandAll
First HIV tests at six sentinel laboratoriesEnglandTotal
Proportion positive
Prevalence of previously undiagnosed HIV infection in GUM clinic attenders†London<25
Elsewhere in England and Wales<25
Incidence markers
Median age at diagnosis of HIV infectionUKAll
Median CD4 counts at year of HIV infection diagnosis‡England and Wales<25
Laboratory reports of acute hepatitis B acquired through sex between menEngland and WalesAll
Markers of risk
Homosexually acquired gonorrhoeaEngland and WalesAll
Acute STI in HIV positive GUM clinic attendersEngland and WalesKnown positiveProportion with STI
Number with STI
Percentage reporting unprotected anal intercourse in the past yearLondonAny partners
Partners of unknown or serodiscordant HIV status
Markers of healthcare utilisation
Attending GUM clinic in the past yearLondonProportion
Having an HIV test in the past yearLondonProportion
HIV tests carried out at GUM clinics§England and WalesNumber