Table 1

Drummond checklist for the appraisal of economic evaluations

Drummond list
Was a well designed question asked in an answerable form? (No 0, yes 2)
Was a comprehensive description of the competing alternatives given? (No 0, yes 2)
Was there evidence that the programmes effectiveness had been established? (No 0, yes 2)
Were all the important and relevant costs and consequences for each alternative identified? (Neither costs or consequences 0, one of two or most of both 1, both 2)
Were costs and consequences measured accurately in appropriate physical units? (No 0, partially 1, all 2)
Were costs and consequences valued credibly? (Neither 0, one of two 1, both 2)
Were costs and consequences adjusted for differential timing? (No 0, yes 2)
Was an incremental analysis of costs and consequences of alternatives performed? (No 0, yes 2)
Was a sensitivity analysis performed ? (No 0, some but insufficient 1, yes 2)
Did the presentation and discussion include all issues of concern to users? (No 0, partial 1, most 2)