Table 3

Mothers and infant characteristics of the different subgroups

Serology at deliveryRPR and TPHA negative (n=275)RPR and TPHA positive (n=275)
Figures are percentages or means. *p<0.05 (univariate χ2 with Yates's correction) for differences between the study group and the control group. Rx = treatment.
Serology antenatal clinic/RxRPR(−),Rx(−) (n=225)RPR(+),Rx(+) (n=50)RPR(+),Rx(+) (n=88)RPR(+), Rx(−) OR RPR(−), Rx(−)(n=187)
Intervention clinic35.6%48.0%52.3%*35.2%*
Adverse pregnancy outcome6.2%8.0%14.7%*26.2%*
Birth weight (mean (SD))3190 (538)3102 (531)3013 (510)*2971 (702)*