Table 1

Background characteristics (n=388)

*CSW = commercial sex worker.
†With these male partner(s) respondents reported engaging in one or more of the following activities: anal or oral sex, mutual masturbation.
Marital status
    Currently unmarried20853.6
    Currently married18046.4
Local or interdistrict work currently
    Interdistrict driver14637.6
    Interdistrict helper5313.7
    Local driver9925.5
    Local helper9023.2
Years in current job5.395.51
Earnings per month in taka (42.7 taka = $1.00)35872113
Last grade of school completed
    1–5 years (primary)17244.3
    6–10 years (high school)10025.8
    11–12 years (college)92.3
Number of times diagnosed with an STD
    Two or more times4812.4
    Does not know number194.9
    Does not answer10.3
Frequency of condom use
    Always/most of the time112.8
Had sexual intercourse with a female CSW* in the past year
Number of sex partners in past year4.578.68
Ever released yourself physically with a male partner†
    Does not answer30.8
Number of male sexual partners in past year
    One or more287.2
Years of sexual intercourse8.847.24
Sometimes drink alcohol
Sometimes take drugs for recreation