Table 3

Prevalence of STD in women

DiseaseNo*Positive%Diagnostic test or examination
*The sample size is 384 for tests requiring urine or blood samples. It is 261 for tests requiring a physical examination (and for some diseases cervical or vaginal specimens) as 99 subjects did not consent to the exam and another 24 subjects were pregnant. For Gram stains for gonorrhoea the sample size is only 247 because of the absence of a laboratory technician at times when subjects came to the clinic.
Chlamydia384    0 0PCR on urine
Chlamydia261 09 3.4PCR on swab
Gonorrhoea384 24 6.3PCR on urine
Gonorrhoea261 14 5.4PCR on swab
Gonorrhoea247 3213.0Gram stain
Syphilis384 22 5.7RPR and TPHA
Herpes simplex 238412332.0ELISA
Trichomoniasis261 21 8.0Wet mount
Trichomoniasis261 4918.8Culture (In pouch TV)
Trichomoniasis261 5119.5Culture or wet mount